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We will contribute to the future of Japan through the supply of clean energy

Portfolio Summary

As of April 2024




※1 Under-construction projects included

※2 The number is the value for the entire group


Scope of Business

Fund Arrangement Business

Our goal is to build a scheme in line with our corporate philosophy, which is “contribution to safe and stable power supply”.

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Investment Business

We will make tokumei kumiai investment (TK investment) to special purpose company (SPC), which owns renewable energy generation equipment, and will aim to secure stable earnings through sale of electricity.

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Solar Power Generation

We will provide total support from site negotiation to planning and operation.

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Wind Power Generation  

Wind power generation is a method of power generation using the wind.

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Biomass Power Generation

Biomass power generation generates electricity by burning the waste such as wood chips to turn a turbine.

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They are power generation methods that uses geothermal energy and enables stable power generation for a long period of time, day or night.

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Market Research and Consulting

We will build a business in the new environment sector based on our high-level expertise and extensive experience by making full use of our know-how and information.

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Overseas Environmental Business

There are demands for measures to tackle the energy and environmental problems from all over the world, especially Asian countries which have remarkable economic growth.

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Our Contribution to SDGs

RS Asset Management Co., Ltd. works together with the government in order to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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