Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

1. Procurement, Use and Provision of Personal Information

We will properly procure, use and provide any personal information used in our business and any personal information of our employees and will not use such personal information for any purpose other than for specified purpose. We will obtain the consent of owner of such personal information beforehand if we decide to use such personal information beyond the scope of specified use.

2. Laws, Regulations, Guidelines Prescribed by the Government, and Other Rules on Personal Information

We will comply with the laws, regulations, guidelines prescribed by the government, and other rules on personal information.

3. Safety management over Personal Information

We will take reasonable prevention and rectification measures against any unlawful access to personal information and divulgement, loss, destruction, tampering and other related acts on personal information.

4. Complaints and Questions Regarding Personal Information

We will promptly handle any complaints and questions regarding personal information.

5. Measures to Protect Personal Information

We will continue to review and improve the measures in order to properly protect the personal information.